Meet the "mad" behind MadPotters!

I was born in Korea, raised in Massachusetts, lived in Brooklyn, worked in Manhattan and now living in sunny San Diego since 2017!  

I started playing around with cement and creating planters for my always dying succulents (still working on my green thumb!) as a way to help manage anxiety and stress and have always had a passion for the more creative side of life. What was once a hobby has opened up a whole new world for me. When my boyfriend and I decided to give up our comfy lifestyle in NYC for a warmer climate, I knew it was my chance to give my creative side a chance to shine. 

For many of my molds, I don't use silicone or store bought! My pots are unique because I use recycled items like tupperware, yogurt cups, basically anything plastic that catches my eye. The most challenging part is finding two random pieces that will fit together to make a nice sized indentation for planting, which in turn makes every rim different. Because I use recycled plastic for most everything including storing and mixing, I can only make a limited number of pieces before the mold breaks. Each piece is truly unique and one of a kind! You won't find these pots anywhere else. 


The marbled look is something I've perfected over pouring hundreds of pots - I like to say its the marbled look for cement price! But because I mix and pour each pot one at a time, each and every pot made from the same mold will look different. That means product photos are just samples of what your pot might look like, and even though you choose the shape and accent colors, it'll still be a surprise when your package arrives! 

Thank you for visiting my shop, and for your support ~ Please stay with me as MadPotters grows and evolves! If you've got any fun cement suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them. I like artist collaborations, too! 

Happy Potting!