Schedule 45 minutes of LIVE succulent shopping with me! 


I'll take you to a local, family-owned and operated succulent nursery where we'll insta-video/houseparty/zoom so you can see each and every succulent the nursery has growing. You'll get to pick and choose your succulents and cacti. 


What makes this special is that you'll get to hem and haw over which EXACT succulents you're bringing home --- do you want the perfect, symmetrical one, or the one with tons of pups hiding under the leaves? Or maybe one that is about to bloom? Do you like the taller stems, or maybe the weird and variegated finds are what excites you. If this is your first time in a nursery, whoaaaaa, you're in for a treat! 


$110 gets you 45 minutes of LIVE shopping to fill a 16" by 16" Flat. Photos of example flats coming soon. There are a few restrictions -- IE rare plants are limited to two per order. You can always add on, though! 


Questions? Send me an email! 



VIRTUAL Succulent Shopping


    MadPotters - Fallbrook, CA


    Instagram: @madpotters