Kick start your garden with this succulent cuttings package. Each package will vary, but multiple varieties and an array of colors guaranteed! Also perfect for small succulent projects and arrangements. 


Size and Quantity -- each package will include "thrillers, spillers, and fillers". Exact number of cuttings received will depend in size and variety, but enough to fill a half-tray. Please see third photo for a size comparison with my hand. 


Thriller - an eye-catching succulent. Use these as the center of attention in your arrangements.

Spiller - a string or vine-like succulent that will trail out of the pot and "spill" over the side. 

Filler - hardy, low-maintenance succulents to fill in the gaps and add heigh to arrangements. 


Succulent Cutting Package


    MadPotters - Fallbrook, CA


    Instagram: @madpotters