Geode Shooters for a little shot of succulent anywhere! 


Sustainable Geodes! Woman-Made.

These pots are handmade out of concrete with a custom insert to create a cavity. Then, crushed glass and epoxy are layered in to create the geode. The geode extends above and over the rim of the pot, which can take several days to be completed.  Please note that while I've tried to cover all of the sharp edges, this is still a glass and concrete product so be careful when handling! 


Dimensions: 2.5"Tall, 2"Wide - Includes Drainage Hole 


**All measurements are approximate as each pot is made individually and may vary in height slightly. Shown with a 2" succulent in the third photo for size comparison.**


Succulents/Airplants/Staging items not included. For multiple orders, shipping will be combined and any extra charges will be refunded. Please message me with any shipping questions.

Geode Shooter


    MadPotters - Fallbrook, CA


    Instagram: @madpotters