The latest evolution of MadPotters Geode Pots - Crystal Geodes!

LUXE Version featuring metallic outline.


All crystals are woman-made out of epoxy resin and various coloring and sparkle. The geode portion is crushed glass and epoxy and while I've tried to make sure all sharp pieces are covered, please handle with care! The pot is concrete and includes a drainage hole.


Please note that geodes with clear or light colored areas will do best out of direct sunlight as resin can deteriorate or take on a yellowish hue over time with extreme sun exposure. 


Dimensions: 5"W, 3.5"T


**All measurements are approximate as each pot is made individually and may vary in height slightly. Shown with a 2" nursery pot in the third photo for size comparison and a top shot in the fourth photo to gauge planting area**


**Please note - Geodes with clear or iridescent accents are best suited for indoor or greenhouse use. Direct sun may cause yellowing over time. In some color schemes, this may actually work in your favor!**


Succulents/Airplants/Staging items not included. For multiple orders, shipping will be combined whenever possible and substantial overages will be refunded. Large Pots may not always be combined depending on the weight and size.


International Shipping - Customs Fees are the buyer's responsibility. 


Please message me with any shipping questions.

(#418) Silvery Sea Crystal Geode - OG Cylinder