Cement Skulls

These 8" cement skulls are cast from a hand-crafted mold I sourced locally and come with the planting hole ready for a succulent. If you're interested in the larger sized Garden Skulls, check out the exclusive Mold Set available below! They're too heavy to ship already made, but I've provided a tutorial to show you how to make your own. (Local pick up/delivery is available). The DotSkulls were stained and painted by hand - DIYers, the natural skull is perfect for creating your own look! 

Skull Mold Set - Succulent Skull + Tile Skull


DIY Garden Skull molds Tutorials can be found on YouTube and IGTV. Subscribe below and check out some ways to make your Garden Skull come alive! 

Garden Skull - 1540 individually placed crystals and glass shards teeth. 

crystal skull with succulents

Garden Skull - Hand Painted & Dotted.

dia de los muertos skull

Garden Skull - Cement Stain Finish 

wood skull planter

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